Christian Education

Engaging our minds and our hearts

trinity_2The Christian life is often challenging. We are called to be disciples, to seek first the kingdom of God and to live lives centered in faith, hope, and love. We try to promote justice and peace, to live in patience, selflessness and self-discipline.

This can be challenging for people of faith because so much of modern culture stands in contrast to the life of discipleship. The predominant messages broadcast across our country every day claim that a better life is found in the amount of money we make or spend; that faith in the right political party or platform will transform our lives and country; that advances in medicine or technology are our best hope for a better future; that might, strength, and power are the only means to peace. Hearing these messages day in and day out, it is no wonder that so many people struggle to find deeper meaning in their lives.

At Grace, we hope to discern God’s voice even amid the clutter and confusion of life. Along with prayer and worship, we seek to engage our minds to make informed, reasoned decisions about what to do and what not to do. We study together knowing that God speaks to us not only through scripture but also through those very people and events in the world around us which seem so confounding. We invite you to join us in our study, and to share your voice and experience with ours as we prayerfully seek to live lives in line with God’s purpose for us: in faith, hope, and love.


Ongoing Classes

Sunday Christian Education

for children:
10:30 AM 
Godly Play class
A respectful and imaginative presentation of scripture stories in a Montessori-style environment.  More info!

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for senior high and adults:
9:30 AM
Rector's Forum:
A weekly chance to dig deeper into faith and scripture. 

The MISSION of Grace Episcopal Church is to seek and adore God and to introduce all to Jesus Christ.