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No Episcopal Church stands by itself. Rather, each parish is part of a larger diocese, a grouping of Episcopal Churches in a geographic area. Each diocese is led by a bishop. In fact, the very word “episcopal” refers to this bishop-led structure of our church.

Grace Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee. Our bishop is the Right Reverend Don E. Johnson, the third bishop of our diocese. The diocese is headquartered in Memphis at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Our diocese, along with about one hundred other dioceses across the United States and other areas, constitute The Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church is one of nearly forty independent national churches which together form the worldwide Anglican Communion. The spiritual leader of our Communion is the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Church of England and historic leader of Anglicanism across the world.

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The MISSION of Grace Episcopal Church is to seek and adore God and to introduce all to Jesus Christ.